Get your Life Back My name is Chris Hill. Three years ago, I lost my twin brother to alcohol and drugs. It has been the most horrendous, painful experience and I hate the thought of other people suffering in this way.

My own life has been a journey through all kinds of addictions, starting with smoking my first cigarette at the age of 7 through to taking crack cocaine and heroin some 20 years later. I always knew there was something fundamentally wrong with what I was doing but I had no way out, or so I thought!

By nature, I am a very determined person and I went in search of the answers to solve my problems. I began reading books based on addiction, I tried various pills and poisons issued by my doctor and I attended addiction clinics to try to end my cravings for the drugs I was taking.

Through trial and error and after at least 100 attempts to stop, I finally found my freedom.

That was over 10 years ago and since finding my freedom I have continued to study subjects surrounding addiction and have discovered that we have a “subconscious mind” and that it is actually this that controls our lives.

I am now “passing on” all of the information that I have learnt so that others can fully understand what addiction actually is and how it controls your life.

Unless you understand addiction, how can you possibly make a change to your life? The answer is, you can’t.

Find out more about my story and how I can help you to beat addiction