Beat Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is real and is highly addictive, with withdrawal and cravings mirroring those experienced by people addicted to drugs, alcohol and nicotine including anxiety, low mood and even depression.
As with any addiction, with time you will need more and more of the sugary foods to eat (or drink) in order to satisfy your cravings. So maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding the risk of Type 2 Diabetes is much harder if not impossible.

Beating sugar addiction.

If you know my story, you’ll know I was addicted to many different drugs, alcohol and nicotine for over 20 years, but no addiction was harder to beat than my sugar addiction.
But I did it and now I can show you how.
The programme I teach is about understanding how your subconscious mind works when an addictive substance is introduced into your body – how it fools the subconscious mind into believing the substance to be absolutely necessary for your survival and therefore your mind will do everything in its power to ensure you continue to consume it – regardless of any negative effects on your life, health and wellbeing.
This happens because addictive substances attach themselves to the same survival mechanism within our brain as ‘hunger’ and ‘thirst’ do – creating a want and need for that substance.
The only way to effectively remove this want and need is by reprogramming your mind. Willpower is simply not enough. Willpower is a temporary fix and the reason why so many people falter and return to bad habits.
The want and need is still living inside your head, just waiting for you to experience a moment of weakness and you will be back to consuming the addictive substance.

FREE 30 Minute Beat Sugar Addiction Skype Session
I am offering a free half-hour Skype session. We will discuss your eating habits and consumption of sugar products in particular and sugar addiction. I will explain what is needed in order for you to beat your addiction to sugar and run through the process of how to reprogram your mind. You can then download my free beat addiction plan and follow the process which is proven to work and has helped hundreds of people beat all types of addiction.
You can contact me at or through Facebook at Chris Hill Beat My Addictions page, to book your free session.

One-on-one Beat Addiction Skype Course
I am also offering a one-to-one course of personalised sessions to give you more intense teaching and instruction as to how to beat addiction. You will have an opportunity to discuss progress and learn how to effectively carry out each stage of the process necessary to reprogram your mind and achieve PERMANENT change.
I can also support you through the withdrawal period. Sugar addiction is particularly challenging as refined sugar is included in such a broad range of food and drink and is socially acceptable, well promoted and there is no shortage of active participants! So as you come out of the addiction, extra support is usually welcomed.
My addiction programme is divided into a few lessons such as:
Understanding the subconscious mind
The relationship between mind, body and soul or self
Making a decision for change
Making a case and preparing to reprogram your mind
Dealing with withdrawal
Five 30 minute sessions priced at £200 (bought as a package), or £50 each
You can contact me at or through Facebook and ask any questions without obligation.