Chris Hill Daily Mail Feature: Twin Loses Brother to Drug Addiction


Speaking to the MailOnline Chris said: ‘I tried smoking, drugs and alcohol and enjoyed them and wanted to do more of them. Once I tried something, it opened up opportunities to try other substances and at a young age you feel social pressures to join in if your friends are doing it too.

At the beginning of the addiction, Chris said it was easy to believe that it was you that was in control.

Despite Chris, who is now 46 taking control of his addiction, through a system he discovered (after conventional methods didn’t work), Rob continued to struggle with alcohol and drugs and died four years ago following an adverse reaction to ecstasy at a reunion party.

Following the death of his brother, Chris decided to help others who suffer from addiction and has opened the UK’s first addiction and mental health shop on the high street where he works one-to-one with people and also runs addiction retreats where people achieve a complete life-change over one weekend.

‘It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone suffers from addictions, and anything can become addictive if you get pleasure from it,’ Chris said.

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