Chris Hill interviewed on the Jeremy Vine Show and 12 regional BBC Radio Channels

Chris Hill was interviewed on the Jeremy Vine show that aired 10th September 2019 at 12 pm. Two ladies who Chris is working with to help them beat addiction to prescription medication were also in the interview – Nancy and Gina. Brilliant slot where Chris was given the opportunity to speak freely about an alternative and holistic, non pharmaceutical approach to dealing with depression and mental health and about the very real and very doable achievement of coming off prescription medications to lead a much happier and more relaxed life, learning to deal with issues on a case by case basis instead of medicating to numb emotions and feelings on a long-term basis.

This was followed by TWELVE regional BBC radio station comments / interviews on the subject of addiction to prescription medications.

Note: Very serious side-effects can occur if prescription medications are stopped without the supervision of a medical professional. Anyone wishing to review or stop their medications MUST seek the support of their GP.

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