Consultation & Intervention Plan

This is a comprehensive consultation and assessment of needs; and is often requested by the family in situations where urgent help is needed.

We will meet with the individual and it is recommended that appropriate family members or close friends are present to listen to all that’s being discussed, in order to offer the best possible support.

This consultation and assessment is an intensive and holistic look at all that is going on in the individual’s life and all that they suffer with, be it addiction, mental health, behavioural issues and anything else.

The idea is to offer the individual and the family a good understanding of the journey ahead and all that has to happen to achieve the life-change needed. This includes a recovery plan for reference and consideration.

These sessions often lead to an urgent intervention (as they’re usually requested in very difficult situations) and an intensive Beat My Addictions programme is begun. This may be the Six-week One-to-One Mentoring or it may be the Express Home Rehab; according to need and circumstance.

The consultation and assessment lasts a minimum of two hours, quite often longer and costs £420 (Inc. VAT).

If the individual does not get help through one of our programmes – they will be offered lifetime access to the online course, plus a digital workbook enabling them to benefit from the Beat My Addictions programme working either by themselves or supported by friends and family.

If you’d like to discuss this or anything else, please call Chris Hill on 0800 644 6313 or email