Personalised Support

I’ve put together three packages of support so that if you want to work with me on a one-to-one basis, you get an idea of what to expect and you can decide which one is most suitable. I’ve called them the Get Your Life Back Two Week, Four Week and Eight Week Breakthrough Programme.

However, you may prefer a different combination of sessions for various reasons e.g. if you’re unable to leave your home or have childcare commitments, or you’d like more sessions than are included, more meetings, perhaps over a longer duration.

You may have a combination of issues you need help with such as addiction, depression, anxiety etc.  Everything is doable and I am confident I can help you whatever your situation or circumstance. I am happy to work out a package of support specifically for you.

Let’s get on a Discovery call. It’s free with absolutely no obligation. I’ll find out what you need and tell you how I can help, then we can work out a suitable package of support for you.

You can book a Discovery call with me with my Online Calendar

Or you can call me on 07557 026233 or email