One-to-one Mentoring Programmes

One-to-one mentoring is highly effective and during the COVID-19 situation, we will be supporting people to beat their addictions, manage anxiety and stress, change a habit or behaviour all through video conferencing.

We have worked in this way effectively for years now, with individuals around the world, as far as the USA, New Zealand, South Africa and Israel to name but a few. Fortunately, the internet provides that opportunity. So wherever you are in the UK or the world – we can still help you make the changes you need to improve your life.

You can work with me or a member of my team one-to-one
Each Advanced Beat My Addictions (BMA) Trainer has come through the programme themselves to deal with an addiction or in some cases several addictions and understands fully where you might be at the beginning of your journey as well as what it means to go through withdrawal and live life on the other side.

Learn more about my team by visiting their pages: Steve Buxton, Beki Milton and Sara Coombes


We can offer you two packages:

This is our most intensive way of working. We will have an initial consultation with you to understand your needs and where you are at. From there, you’ll get access to our online course to support your learning as we begin to teach you the Beat My Addictions Programme.

This involves one-to-one sessions through video conferencing in the comfort of your own home or wherever you may be. Once we go through the necessary learning, you then make a commitment to giving up the substance or activity you’ve come to us to address; or any other life-change. And you begin the withdrawal / change process lasting 10 days.

During this time, you will receive intensive support from your mentor. After withdrawal, you then have an additional four weeks of one-to-one sessions and help as you begin to live life without the substance or activity you’ve given up.

In brief, this is what is included:

  • Discovery Call (without obligation to continue)
  • Initial consultation session (1-2 hours)
  • Introduction to the Beat My Addictions Programme
  • Online course for support and revision (yours for life)
  • A4 Workbook that becomes your guide and reference
  • Support through the 10-day withdrawal period
  • Coming out of withdrawal follow-up
  • Dealing with anxiety and stress
  • Returning to an addicted society / coping with friends and family
  • Setting goals and intention for the future / how to ensure a better life

To work with me for the six weeks it costs £997 +VAT, to work with one of the team it’s £600 +VAT.

Please email or call 0800 644 6313 to book a Discovery Call.


This programme is designed around the online course. The online course teaches the entire Beat My Addictions model and has been very successful since its launch, helping almost 1000 people worldwide. It’s very easy to work through and can be used again and again to deal with other issues and life changes and for revision.

Some people are happy to simply buy the stand alone course and complete it. But others find it really useful to have some mentoring either side of taking the online course. So we’ve created this really affordable package to help you get that extra bit of mentoring and support. This ‘kick-start’ programme includes:

  • Discovery Call (without obligation to continue)
  • Initial consultation session (1-2 hours)
  • The online course (yours for life)
  • Follow-up session during the 10-day withdrawal (at your request)

The Kick-Start Programme costs £397+VAT with myself or any of the team.

Please email or call 0800 644 6313 to book a Discovery Call.