1 Detox & Health Assessment

In situations where a detox is needed to safely reduce usage of a substance, we as that you visit a GP or other qualified medical professional for a physical health check to ensure you are in good health to begin a safe detox and to plan a detox for you. And for some, we may also advise that you seek a mental health evaluation.

Here at Beat My Addictions, we are fortunate to work alongside a team of private GPs and a Psychiatrist and have arranged a comprehensive package of physical health checks as well as a mental health evaluation. This includes a medical detox and prescription if needed.

This is essential for people who wish to stop substances where excessive use has built up a dependency meaning it could be dangerous to just stop. For example, heavy drinking. Stopping alcohol without a detox puts your health at serious risk. It must be done safely, following a detox plan and possibly including appropriate medication.

You can of course see your own GP and get a safe detox plan from them and we will support you to do so. In addition, you are advised, especially in situations where mental health issues exist such as severe anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts etc. to seek a psychiatric mental health assessment to ensure you are able to begin this programme. If you decide to proceed without one, we will simply ask you to sign a disclaimer to say that we advised you, but you preferred not get one done.

Our comprehensive detox and health assessment includes

  • Consultation and full medical (blood tests) with a private GP
  • Consultation with a private psychiatrist, resulting a comprehensive psychiatric report and detox programme.
  • Medical detox and prescription if needed.
  • Supervision through the detox period

The cost of this package is £1,440 (Inc. VAT). Once booked, the Beat My Addictions team will arrange all the appointments for you and support you to attend.

If you’d like to discuss this or anything else, please call Chris Hill on 0800 644 6313 or email support@beatmyaddictions.com