Facebook Group Support

I offer a number of support groups on Facebook; where you can get help and support from me as well as a community of supportive people interested in improving their lives.

You can follow my page Chris Hill – Beat My Addictions to see what I’m up to and find out about events. You can also read reviews about the services I offer.

You can follow my personal profile as I do a lot of live broadcasts from here; in particular my daily motivational morning posts.

You can join my Beat My Addictions to Food with Chris Hill group. Many members have joined to work on stopping over-eating and sugar addiction and generally have a better relationship with food. (Free)

Or the Beat My Addictions with Chris Hill group; which is about addictive substances and activities. (Free)

If you want to stop smoking – I have a Stop Smoking with Chris Hill closed group where I offer support to a limited number of people who are working through my programme to stop smoking. This group requires a membership which for £97 gives you lifetime access to my online course as well as one-to-one support from me in the group and its members. You can remain in the group as long as you’d like. The success rate here has been phenomenal.