Get Your Life Back Workshop


During this one-day workshop Chris will teach you all you need to know to reprogram your mind to achieve lasting change and free yourself permanently from any addictions such as drug addiction, alcohol, nicotine, prescription drugs, sugar as well as addictive activities such as gambling and sex addiction.

Addictive substances such as nicotine, alcohol and sugar and addictive actions such as gambling become programmed into your subconscious as ‘your normal state’.
Any deviation from ‘normal’ will cause your subconscious mind to immediately panic and feel uncomfortable. It will, therefore, do its level best to keep you where you are.
You are in fact, at war with yourself!
Willpower is simply not enough to beat addiction or habitual behaviour permanently.
This workshop will teach you all you need to know to break free permanently from any addictions, habits and actions that are negatively affecting your life. Including anxiety and depression.
We will start off by learning how the subconscious mind works, how to build a case for the change you want to make and how to reprogram your subconscious mind.
This workshop will also help you deal with the withdrawal period and using the Law of Attraction concept teach you visualisation techniques to ensure you go home ready for a new life without the addiction or habit you want to let go of.
This includes:
Smoking, drinking, caffeine
Drug addiction
Sugar addiction
Gambling and/or over-spending
Understanding and reprogramming your subconscious mind
Setting goals and following through

More real life recovery stories (because you valued these so much)
More workshop exercises (because you enjoyed them)
I will teach you how to break free. I will help you to understand how the mind and body work once an addictive substance or behaviour is introduced and then I will show you how to reprogram your mind for permanent change.

I will then demonstrate how you can use the Law of Attraction and the power of visualisation to bring into your life everything that you want.

If you have tried other workshops and recover programmes and they’ve not worked – please don’t be put off! Come to mine. It is very different than the rest.

What I teach is different.










Chris Hill is author of the bestselling book ‘Get Your Life Back: The Road to Freedom from Addiction’. Chris has run successful addiction recovery workshops and sees clients on a one-to-one basis. His teaching focuses on the subconscious mind and the role it plays in addiction and habitual behaviour. During this one-day workshop Chris will teach you all you need to know to reprogram your mind to achieve lasting change.