Health Assessment & Detox Advice

In situations where we believe a detox is needed to safely reduce usage of a substance, we require that you visit a GP or other qualified medical professional for a physical health check to ensure you are in good health to begin a safe detox and to plan a detox for you. We may also require that you seek a mental health evaluation.

At BeatMyAddictions, we can recommend private GPs, Psychiatrists and Nutritionists and they can help you to arrange physical health checks, mental health evaluations and provide appropriate advice and support that will work alongside our express home rehab.

When excessive use has led to physical dependency, for example with alcohol, opiates and pharmaceutical drugs, just stopping without a detox puts your health at serious risk. It must be done safely, following a detox plan and possibly including appropriate medication.

If you’d like to discuss this or anything else, please call on 0800 644 6313 or email