The Key to Understanding the Sub-Conscious Mind. The Third Person Perspective

What do I mean by the third person perspective?
By way of example, here are three statements:
I ate the cake.
My brain worked tirelessly to find the recipe.
My body was exhausted.
These are three examples of feelings or emotions or actions that we may take but each one is set in its own entity. By this I mean they are all working separately to one another.
Let me break it down.
I ate the cake.
So what does this mean?
Well, it means exactly what is says. I ate the cake but more interesting than that it means it was me in the present moment eating the cake. It was me consciously aware of all my surroundings at that time of eating that cake. It was me making the decision to eat the cake. It was me enjoying the cake and feeding my hunger.
My brain worked tirelessly to find the recipe.
So what does this mean?
It means I gave an instruction to my brain to find a recipe of some kind and my brain is now working independently to find that recipe and give me the answer.
And finally;
My body was exhausted.
So what does this mean?
As an example, after baking cakes all day and eating them, my body starts to shut down and is telling me that I need to rest or sleep so it can recover from the day’s events.
Again, this is my body working independently and sending me instructions through thoughts, feelings and emotions, telling me what to do.
So, looking at these three scenarios, you would conclude that we are made up from three different parts. Mind, Body, Soul.
MIND Searching for the recipe
BODY Feeling exhausted
SOUL (Me) Enjoying the cake.
It is this separation which will help you to understand what our sub-conscious mind is all about. Unless we separate ourselves into these three parts (mind, body and soul) we will never see the truth about how our lives are really being run.
In earlier blogs I talked about control and how our sub-conscious mind sends us stories and propaganda guiding us through life, but at the same time it is holding us back from what we really want to achieve.
Well, to make change in your life you need to begin to separate yourself from you mind and body. You need to see these as separate entities working independently for your own welfare. I always like the example of the mind and body being the vehicle you are driving.
Imagine if you were a car, and if you imagine all of the electronics and computers were the same as your sub-conscious mind, and of course your body being the same as the body of the car, and you are the driver. You can then start to see how this actually works.
Let’s say you want to travel somewhere, say from A to B. You get in the car, start the engine, engage the gears and off you go. Your role in this activity is to keep changing the gears when you want to go faster or slower, and put your foot on the brake when you want to stop. You must keep an eye on the road and remember where it is you are going.
Now for the computer programme and all the electronics, it’s role is to keep everything running smoothly and give instructions to all of the mechanical parts. From how much fuel is being fed to the pistons, to how much emissions are being let out of the exhaust. It tells you when the oil is low or you need to fill up with fuel. It allows you to listen to the radio and controls all your heating. In fact, whatever instruction you give your car they will all be done through the electronics of this car system.
Finally, you have the body of the vehicle. This is everything you can physically see, from the tyres to the engine, the windows to the doors; the seal to the roof. It is everything that holds this whole thing together and keeps you safe inside.
Now, the example I have just given you is exactly how our lives are run.
We are the driver of our lives, just like the driver of the vehicle.
We have our sub-conscious mind which is just the same as the electronics of a vehicle running everything we are not consciously thinking about and of course lots lots more.
We have our physical body which without this life would not be possible.
So, where am I going with all of this?
To make your life better you need to change your mind set on who you actually are. You need to see yourself as the third person living in your body. Once you do this you can then start to take control of your life and drive yourself to what you really want to achieve, and this is done through simple instructions to your sub-conscious mind.

The final word is just to remember, it is you that is in control, It is you that is the driver and only you can decide where it is you want to go.

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