Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

I hope you are all keeping well. Please may I urge you to follow government guidance and instruction and keep aware of all the NHS advice. And be super vigilant and well informed about what to do if you or a loved one does contract the virus.

I have a lot of followers, friends and contacts in the NHS and other supporting sectors and as soon as I am aware of anything that could be helpful, I will share it with you. Follow me on Facebook to keep up-to-date.

We have hit unprecedented times and an uncertain situation and we must all just do our best with what we have to deal with day by day; to keep ourselves well both physically and mentally and see this thing through.

At Beat My Addictions we’ve had to close down our retreats and rehabs for the time being and with our charity, The Rob Hill Foundation, we’ve had to close our weekly workshops and support groups to ensure social distancing.


But I have a good, strong team around me and we are going to do the very best we can to support you all during these hard times.


Online One-to-One Mentoring using Video Conferencing
I have been mentoring people around the world through video on a one-to-one basis for some years now. This is a very effective way of working. And I’ve now trained other members of my team (who have all been through the programme themselves) to see people through the Beat Addiction Programme. This is an intensive way of working with six weeks of of mentoring, a detox where necessary and intensive support through the 10-day withdrawal period.

FOR A FREE CONSULTATION email or call our helpline on 0800 644 6313.

Online Beat Addiction Programme

My entire Beat Addiction Programme is available as a very simple to follow online course. You can use this time at home to deal with stopping any addictive substance or activity. My programme will help you lose the want and need for that substance or activity; making it much easier to stop.

The understanding you will get of how your mind and body work will also help you manage anxiety and stress at this very difficult time.


Free Online Workshop & Support Group
I will be delivering my workshop which teaches my beat addiction programme as well as helping with anxiety, stress and self-management to get us through this. We’ll have special guests such as doctors, counsellors and therapists to support. At the moment, the plan is to hold it weekly at 7.30 pm to 9 pm online through Zoom (which you can download onto any device or computer with internet access) and join us.

This is especially important now for anyone wanting to give up smoking urgently. Any addictive substance, weakens your immune response to some degree, including alcohol.