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A Personal Message from Chris

The Rob Hill Foundation, charity registration no.1181220 has been set up in memory of my twin brother Rob who in 2014 died after taking an Ecstasy pill on a night out. Since then, I have put everything on hold to dedicate my life to helping others beat addiction. And part of that work is to ensure that addiction recovery and mental health support is available to all; and that money is never a barrier to people getting help.

The Rob Hill Foundation workshops and support groups are open to everyone and offered completely free of charge; as is my entire addiction recovery programme, published in a short booklet called the
7-Day Beat Addiction Plan which is distributed free through the workshops , direct to homeless people and as a free download from this website.

The charity works with people facing homelessness because of their addictions and those already homeless. And annually runs the Back to Kindness rucksack campaign – where 1000+ filled rucksacks are donated and distributed to homeless people by 120+ volunteers at Christmas. This gives people living on the streets a sense of value and the belief that there are people out there who care.  And this show of kindness and compassion may lift their spirits enough to get them to engage with any offer of help by local charities and services  – to begin to improve their lives.

I’m running the Virgin London Marathon on 26th April 2020
If you’d like to support me, please visit the Virgin Money Giving page (link above) to find out how you can donate, gather sponsorship or do a sponsored activity yourself. We’re hoping to raise £100,000 to expand our workshop programme and buy a mobile therapy bus to give support to homeless people on the streets and do outreach.

About the Beat Addiction Programme
This is a very simple yet effective programme that has been tried and tested; and has already saved thousands of lives.

It has helped people beat addiction to the hardest drugs, to alcohol and to nicotine as well as helping people deal with anxiety and stress, and to eat better, lose weight, conquer phobias such as flying or using lifts and generally empower people to have a better quality of life

Current workshop locations are Sidcup, Isle of Wight, Hastings, Maidstone and Basildon (search your nearest at www.robhillfoundation.org). With additional funding, the plan is to branch out to other parts of the country.

Please Donate or Help us Fundraise

Where your money will go

All donations are gratefully received. Your money will go to:

  • Expanding the free workshops to other areas of London and the UK; collaborating with homeless charities and food banks.
  • Distributing free copies of the Beat Addiction Programme as widely as possible.
  • Purchasing a mobile therapy bus and setting up a mobile support unit on the streets, helping homeless people with their addictions. Using the bus for outreach to schools and community venues.
  • Training front-line workers from charities and other organisations to better understand addiction and mental health; and eventually to deliver the Beat Addiction Programme.
  • Initiating a campaign to de-stigmatise addiction and mental health so that people no longer feel shame around needing help, asking for help and then knowing where to get that help.
  • Reaching out to homeless people through our Back to Kindness campaign; with guidance and help to access the charity’s services (expanded out to the rest of the UK).

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