The Rob Hill Foundation

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A Personal Message from Chris
I have set up a charity: The Rob Hill Foundation, in memory of my twin brother Rob who in 2014 died after taking an Ecstasy pill on a night out. Since then, I have put everything on hold to dedicate my life to helping others beat addiction.

What I teach also helps people with anxiety, stress and depression and so I’ve moved into the area of mental health as well. I’ve successfully helped people with fear-based conditions such as agoraphobia and claustrophobia. I’ve also started working with people who have eating disorders such as over-eating and bulimia; looking at the contribution sugar addiction makes to these conditions and successfully reversing them.

Initially, I need to raise a minimum of £5000 to be allowed to register this charity with the Charities Commission. Any extra will be used to help people through addiction.

The Rob Hill Foundation will provide addiction recovery services to people most in need.

The work I’ve been doing and want to continue to do:

  • I have run a free weekly drop-in addiction workshop and support group in Sidcup since April 2016
  • Given people one-to-one support most of the time without charge
  • I’ve printed and distributed 2000 copies of my 7-Day Beat Addiction booklet free of charge
  • I’ve delivered addiction workshops to homeless charities
  • And volunteered for the NHS on their psychiatric wards

All the work has been funded by me so far. However, in order to expand and be able to continue to offer some services for free to people in real need, people on low incomes and benefits, homeless people and the young and vulnerable … I am setting up a charity to support the work and subsidise individuals to attend my intensive programmes.

The model of recovery I teach has helped hundreds of people get their lives back from addiction and often life-affecting anxiety. But I need to reach many more and this funding will allow me to do that.

At the moment, it’s a JustGiving Crowdfunding Page

Once we’ve raised the £5000 necessary, we will obtain a charity registration number.

You can read more about it on the JustGiving page and please remember to share with friends and family in case they’d also like to support our work.

Thank you