Stop Smoking Programme

If you have tried to stop smoking before and feel like nothing has worked – don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place; as this programme teaches you about the addiction and how your mind and body works. From there, you learn how to beat the addiction to nicotine without needing to use willpower.

You won’t need willpower, because you will have reprogramed or re-educated your mind to actually no longer have a want and need for nicotine. Imagine NOT wanting to smoke … imagine how much easier it will then be to stop.

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Our stop smoking programme works exceptionally well and relatively fast. You can expect to stop smoking immediately you complete the course and lose the want and need for nicotine ten days thereafter.

Programme schedule

  • Discovery call to discuss your needs and introduce the programme.
  • One-to-one intensive consultation and breakthrough session during which we discuss all that’s going on with you and your desire to stop smoking. If smoking is masking any anxiety, we’ll discuss that as well.
  • Next, you will have lifetime access to Chris Hill’s Online Course which teaches his entire programme as if he was with you in the same room; accessible through any device and at any time.
  • Once through the programme, you will sign a commitment to yourself known as ‘The Contract to Self’ this is a powerful part of the programme; after which you begin a 10-day withdrawal period.
  • Your mentor will be available to you for the duration of the 10-day withdrawal to offer support and guidance.
  • You will then have a final one-to-one session with your mentor to check on progress and get advice on how you move forward in life and return to an addicted society without your addiction to nicotine.

This programme with one-to-one support is £480 (inc VAT) payable after the Discovery Call if you wish to go ahead.

Please call 0800 644 6313 for a free Discovery Call or to just make enquiries. Or you can email