Six-week Sugar, Food & Weight Loss Programme

Building on our very successful one-to-one mentoring programme for addictive substances and activities; we bring you a weight management programme designed to help you address the issues that may have prevented you from losing weight and maintaining significant weight loss long-term. This programme is suitable for anyone wishing to take control of their eating in order to lose weight, get fit, get well, be happier, sleep better, be more confident and ultimately live a better life.

This programme is for you if you:

  • Eat more than your body needs
  • Have a problem with sugary foods
  • Think you have a food addiction
  • Over-eat or binge eat
  • Eat for emotional reasons
  • Eat as a form of self-sabotage
  • Eat in excess out of habit
  • Drink a lot of caffeinated or high energy drinks
  • Have trouble sleeping or exercising 
  • Have trouble dealing with anxiety without turning to food, alcohol or cigarettes
  • Have a concern about food disorders
  • Are looking to lessen your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes

What’s different about this programme:

  • We’re not going to be using willpower
  • This isn’t a diet – there are no prescribed foods or ways of eating
  • This is a long-term solution, not a quick fix
  • We deal with letting go other addictions at the same time
  • We will look at your emotional wellbeing and not just the physical
  • We teach anxiety management without food (anxiety is one of the top causes of emotional eating).
  • Our programme includes the very latest techniques in improving diet, eating habits and fitness.

How it works

This is a six-week mentoring programme. You will work with one of our mentors (each of whom have lost weight as well as beaten addiction to other substances using the programme). Your mentor will really get to know you and your weight management history. Together you will explore all the reasons you may have formed an attachment with your current weight or to carrying excess weight; in order to deal with them within the process. They will help you better understand how you got to where you are today and find out from you where you really want to be in life. This is an opportunity for you to tackle any and all addictive substances and activities, negatively affecting your life.

Why am I still hungry?
‘Did you know a huge percentage of the hunger feelings we get inside of us that drive us to eat in excess, are due to needs for something other than food such as fulfilment, love, comfort etc. or addiction to other substances we’re suppressing or using willpower to control? So the more substances we’re able to remove from our system, the easier we will find it to manage our relationship with food’.

Your mentor will then work with you in a structured programme that has been tried and tested to deliver the results you need; but with an open-access attitude which means they will be available to you for support throughout the six-week period and only a phone call away.

The one-to-one sessions are conducted through video conferencing so can be done from home. Once we fully understand where you are and where you want to be – we’ll then begin learning the BeatMyAddictions model in relation to sugar, food, fitness and mental wellbeing. You then make a commitment to making the changes you want and begin the withdrawal / change process for a period of 10 days.

During this period you will have intensive support from your mentor, followed by an additional four weeks of one-to-one sessions and help as you begin to live life with a completely different relationship with food and possibly having let go of a number of other addictions.

Programme structure

  • Discovery Call (without obligation to continue)
  • Initial consultation and breakthrough session (1-2 hours); with an in-depth assessment of your relationship with food and with yourself.
  • Introduction to the BeatMyAddictions Programme.
  • Learning about the addictive nature of sugar and how to remove non-essential foods from your diet (foods that cause cravings and deliver no nutrients).
  • You will learn the key elements of Chris Hill’s effective weight loss programme.
  • You will have lifetime access to his online course for support and revision
  • A digital workbook that not only supports the learning but facilitates all the exercises used to teach you the programme fully.
  • One-to-one support through the 10-day withdrawal period
  • Coming out of withdrawal follow-up session
  • Additional weekly sessions dealing with key issues such as anxiety and stress management.
  • How to return to a food orientated society and coping with social pressures as well as friends and family.
  • Visualisation and goal setting

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You can choose who to work with or we can assign the most suitable mentor
Each Advanced BeatMyAddictions (BMA) Trainer has come through the programme themselves to deal with an addiction or in some cases several addictions and understands fully where you might be at the beginning of your journey as well as what it means to go through withdrawal / significant life-change and live life on the other side.

Learn more about the mentors by visiting their profile pages: Chris Hill,  Steve Buxton, Beki Milton and Sara Coombes

The cost of this one-to-one Six-week Sugar, Food & Weight Loss Programme is £1,800 (inc. VAT).

Please email or call 0800 644 6313 to book a no-obligation Discovery Call.