Beat Anxiety & Stress with Chris Hill, (Weekend Retreat, Old Harlow)

The learning I provide on this retreat will immediately give you a level of control you never had before and you can start to work on everything that contributes to anxiety and stress such as relationships, work, money issues, parenting. You’ll find life so much easier when you know how to redirect your thoughts and feelings and quickly access solutions to any problems that come up.

Removing obstacles to live well in 2019 – A Weekend Retreat (Harlow)

Make your New Years Resolutions Permanent With Chris Hill – ‘Beat My Addictions’. #detox #beabetteryou   ——————————————————————————— DO YOU NEED HELP WITH SUGAR CRAVINGS? DO YOU NEED HELP WITH ANXIETY & STRESS? DO YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT, LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GREAT? DO YOU WANT HELP TO STOP SMOKING, DRINKING, TAKING RECREATIONAL DRUGS? DO […]