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Kerrie, Kent

Workshop & 7-Day Beat Addiction Plan
(Dealing with alcohol, cigarettes and depression)

I have struggled with an addiction to alcohol and nicotine for over five years now. I was a person who liked a drink for escapism.  I suffer with depression and anxiety and alcohol and cigarettes were my outlet, or so I thought. However, I became controlled by my addictions and desperately wanted out.

I attended one of Chris’s workshops around three weeks ago. I then took the plunge in undergoing his 7-day plan. The way Chris explains and presents his theory of the unconscious mind and how it tricks us into thinking we need the substance we are addicted to, is very easy to grasp.  He explains it in a clear way that is understandable. The literature to support it is also clear and concise and easy to refer to.

I am pleased and proud to say have not had a drink or a cigarette since I finished the plan.  This is the longest I have gone without a cigarette for over 10 years! I very rarely get the urge or the feeling that I need a cigarette or drink.  It’s pretty much a miracle and I’m totally dumfounded how so quickly I don’t feel the craving for alcohol or nicotine.

I feel totally free right now.  I am no long obsessing about alcohol or cigarettes.  I hardly ever think about either and it really is totally amazing.

Over the past two weeks I have picked up on hobbies that have been left on the wayside due to spending so much time drinking. I really feel that undergoing the programme is going to enhance and improve my life immensely.


Name withheld, London
One-to-one Support & Weekend Retreat
(Mixed substances, anxiety, depression)
Through my addictions to alcohol and drugs I consistently suffered physical and extreme mental health issues. I drank the strongest alcohol I could get and took as many drugs as I could, including Cocaine, Crack, Meth, Heroin, solvents and many more. I was trapped with no way out. I tried so many other ways to beat addiction, with no success. Then I met Chris and as usual was skeptical. But with his program and education I re-wired my subconscious and learnt self-talk. And now, for the first time in over 20 years I am FREE, truly FREE from the constant crave and need for alcohol and drugs. I never thought this was possible. I got my life back, I’m free and loving it!


Claire, West Drayton
Weekend Retreat
(Sugar Addiction)
I no longer have the need or want to binge at night (which was my main problem) and it feels amazing. I no longer have processed sugar in my coffee or eat cakes, sweets or chocolate etc. I’ve lost 11 lbs since the retreat although I know it’s not a weight loss thing it’s definitely welcome. I’m still trying to stick to just three main meals a day as I find this helps. I’m happy every single day it’s just the best feeling. That’s not to say I don’t get bad times but when I do I feel like I have such a great control over how I react now.

Charlie, Orpington
One-to-one Support
(Olfactory Syndrome / OCD)
This is a condition whereby the person imagines bad smells. “Before I met Chris I was very different due to my problem of smelling bad smells. It started at school and it was getting me paranoid and I found it hard to concentrate so I would mess around to take my mind off of it. I later dropped out of college. Then I got my dream job in the army which I loved but my condition got worse and I eventually got a medical discharge. My dad’s friend recommended I speak to Chris, who taught me how the mind works and how we can rewire our minds by self-talk. Now I hardly get any bad smells and I don’t worry about them coming. I’ve been getting on public transport to go out with my friends and I feel like I can enjoy myself and live life again.”

Andy, Kent
Workshop & Weekend Retreat
(Sugar Addiction, Drugs & Alcohol)
I attended the sugar retreat with an open mind .. after learning the hidden dangers of sugar I decided to remove it from my life. Chris has an amazing way of teaching you how to ‘un-tick’ the want and need box in your mind to remove the desire to have the thing. In one year, Chris has helped me to remove not only sugar but drugs and alcohol from my life. Can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be free.

Jenna, London
(Bulimia and Anorexia)
Well my life has completely changed since meeting Chris! I am stronger both mentally and physically and no longer at risk of cardiac arrest or stroke! My life is no longer controlled by the constant need to be as thin as possible and the addiction to either binge and purge (up to 50 times a day) or the complete opposite and starve myself as a form of self harm. After suffering for over 20 years and trying so many different types of therapy I never thought I would get to this point as had pretty much given up on myself.

I’m finally happy and enjoying a life that’s not controlled by food. I’ve cut out all non essential foods and am no longer craving the sugary foods which used to torment me, the constant battle in my head would drive me to give in, do as I was told and binge on cakes, biscuits, sweets etc. The thoughts don’t even come into my head anymore and I’m enjoying the freedom I’m getting from eating clean, healthy food. I can’t thank Chris enough for showing me this way out, I feel like I’m no longer living in limbo and have found this whole new world to experience!


SARAH, London
7-Day Beat Addiction Plan and Workshop
(Cocaine addiction)
I was introduced to Chris at rock bottom of a 23 year cocaine habit – ending up around £500 a week and not sleeping for 3-4 days of the week. After my husband died two years ago, it got worse and worse. I was in a big hole and could not see a way out.

I was put on to Chris by a mutual friend one Sunday evening, I was broken. Chris rang me and immediately put my mind at ease he said “don’t worry, you are in the best hands, we will sort you out”. For some reason I believed him. He invited me to his Wednesday workshops. I went twice. I started his 7-Day Beat Addiction plan and couldn’t believe how easy I found it. 15 weeks later and still not touched cocaine. I thought if I was around it or drinking I would cave. I cannot believe that I can actually have a drink and not automatically make the call for it. It’s not the first thing that comes to mind anymore.

If it wasn’t for him I probably would have lost my job and kids and eventually my life.


Suzanne, London
7-Day Beat Addiction Plan, read Get Your Life Back book, attended workshop
I am writing to thank you for all the advice and support you have given me to help me stop smoking cigarettes. It was actually four months yesterday that I celebrated being free of the addiction after 40 years smoking. I had struggled to stop smoking numerous times, following various suggestions/systems, from hypnotherapy to group workshops/NHS hospital support/private 1-2-1 sessions.  My brain was like a worn out record stuck on the subject of my addiction, affecting every aspect of my life.

Having heard about your work from a friend, I made contact with you and as I have visual problems, you kindly delivered your 7-day plan to my home.

From my perspective Chris, you have found the missing piece of information that makes the difference between success and failure to beat an addiction. Understanding the subconscious is so important and helpful when dealing with drug withdrawals and afterwards. I gained this insight by reading your book and attending your all day workshop. Being able to connect with you on Facebook and to gain and join in, to give support to others has also been invaluable. Thank you for all of everything that you have done and are doing to help people stuck in addiction.


Shelley, London
Workshop & Get Your Life Back book
Chris has helped my boyfriend Andy finally become free of his gambling addiction. Andy has struggled with this addiction for many years, long before I met him and had tried numerous ways to try and stop but was never free of the addiction until Chris came into our lives around February/March 2017. Andy’s gambling put a huge strain on our relationship as there was simply no trust there anymore

My sister was the first person to introduce us to Chris’ method as he had recently helped her brother-in-law, Leon. We went along to one of the free workshops in Sidcup and Chris explained to the group that all addictions were linked to our subconscious minds and that by re-training our subconscious minds to not want the things we are addicted to then everyone could live their lives free of addictions.

This could all be done in 7-10 days. Sounds simple I thought but was skeptical. I was waiting for the catch – was this going to cost us more money in the long run? Would it be another five minute wonder in an attempt for Andy to stop?  But I held back my worries and supported Andy in trying to make a change. He had done the hardest part by admitting he had a problem in the first place and attending a workshop.

The difference I saw in Andy after the withdrawal period of 10 days was incredible. He was like a new person, full of life and happiness.  He would bound out of bed in the mornings instead of me having to drag him out. He was walking with a spring in his step and felt confident. It changed other things for the better too – his diet, he cut back on alcohol (not that he had a drinking problem), his attitude to work improved as well as our relationship. The trust was finally back and both of us felt the happiest we had been for a long time. We now talk about what we are going to do in the future and are making plans instead of worrying how we will eat today or pay bills.


Leon, London
Workshop, 7-Day Beat Addiction plan, Weekend Retreat
(Drugs, alcohol and cigarettes)

I made contact with Chris Hill for excessive alcohol, cannabis and cocaine abuse several months ago and for feeling suicidal. I was drinking 31 units of alcohol daily, smoking 30 cigarettes a day, 3.5 grams of weed a day and using 3 grams of cocaine on a weekly basis. I had completed two stints in a rehabilitation/detox centre in the past six years and failed after being clean for four months and six months respectively.

After speaking to Chris I decided to visit his Wednesday workshop in Sidcup. I have never been to a workshop of this nature in 20 years of using and this was an educational 90 minutes for me. Listening to Chris break down the model of understanding addiction down to Mind, Body and Soul was an eye opener.

Chris educated and prepared my mind for change, I started my 7 to 10 day withdrawal. I visited one workshop and read the ‘7 day Beat Addiction Plan’ and understood how my subconscious mind works around MY addictions.

During the withdrawal period there was lots of self-talking. Basically, I followed the guidance in the plan 100%. By day 7 I was finally free of my addiction to drugs and alcohol and just recently, I also managed through Chris’s teaching to stop my last one – smoking.

My life has got back to an amazing place, my wife and I are back on track, the kids are back in my life and money is great. For a short space of 10 days I have accomplished all this through the Chris Hill programme and can’t thank him enough.


Lisa, London
Read Get Your Life Back, Workshop, attended full-day seminar
(Dealing with panic attacks)
Chris Hill’s book was the start for me. I suffer with panic attacks. I read Chris’s book which made me understand my mind. Excellent. I joined Chris’s workshop in Sidcup the next week. He taught about our minds, soul, how we as people are wired.

I was given the 7 day plan to read and complete at home. I did complete it, that night, I have been using that plan every day since September 2016. It has helped me out and now I can manage my panic attacks which are not as often as they were.

Thanks to Chris, I’m getting MY LIFE BACK, slowly, but how amazing, the process Chris teaches does work.

People attended his workshop for all different reasons but we were all there to listen and learn from Chris. Everybody in the room was touched and excited to know that you can control yourself, talk and listen to your inner self. Chris’s process has enabled me to do more things in life. Looking ahead is brighter.


Keely, London
Workshop, read 7-Day Beat Addiction plan
(Addiction not stated in testimonial)
I have been under Chris’s guidance and support programme for four months this year, after trying various different addiction programmes for the last 25 years. His professional, sympathetic and empathetic attitude together with his experience in this field has been nothing but outstanding for me.

He is always calm, caring and considerate and is always prepared to listen on the end of the phone day or night if he cannot be there in person. I have so far conquered my addictions after many years of trying. His programme is easy to get a grip of as there is no judgment. If you relapse, he helps with guidance as to how to move forward and rebuild again . Also there is a lighthearted element of how positive and good life is. I thank Chris for all his amazing help and would advise anybody suffering from addiction to use this method, AS IT WORKS!


Hannah, London
(Supporting a friend with addiction / plus own mild depression)
Chris has changed the life of a friend drastically. This friend is very special to me and it’s like you have turned them back to the person they were when I first met them. I have been to one of your workshops and although not an addict myself I have suffered with mild depression and found the session inspiring and it also made me finally do something about my own future.

Joanie, Canada
Read Get Your Life Back, followed 7-Day Beat Addiction plan
(Sugar Addiction)
It took me a life-time to recognize that I had a sugar addiction (now aged 67). I heard about a seminar online. The Sugar Summit – seven days of speakers regarding sugar and addiction.  There was Chris Hill, as guest speaker saying:

  • Sugar was his hardest addiction to beat
  • Sugar is eight times more addictive than cocaine
  • He could help me with a seven day plan and I would be free

I wondered if it was possible and if I should I email him – in England no less. I got the plan from Chris Hill and promptly filed it away for two weeks. And ate very sweet thing in sight!

I messaged Chris and we began: the goal setting, plans for achieving them, self-talk, thankfulness, visualizing the result of success and lots and lots of Chris’s support is what got me though.

I didn’t like the withdrawal, but I know I won’t eat sugar again. I feel so different. I feel so good. The sky is bluer, everything clearer, thinking faster, daring to dream of a happier future, a hope for tomorrow and happiness today.

I started February so I am now 4.5 months free of sugar addiction. I feel good. Clear thinking, brighter, sleeping better, no cravings, and with this freedom, the added bonus of weight loss from 265 lbs to 223 lbs.


Carole, London
Attended workshop

After drinking since aged 13, I progressed steadily to a 60 year old married mother of two sons into an absolute drunken mess. I was drinking red wine 24/7. I was always drunk, could never drive the car, hold a serious conversation.  After a serious period of time away from home in detox and residential rehab I found Chris Hill.

I was still struggling, despite not drinking for three months, I needed something else to keep me occupied and focused, I attended the free Wednesday evening workshop and was enthralled. This fella knew what I was going through but his journey had been a lot more dangerous than mine. If he was focusing on helping others because of personal and family tragedy, the least I could do was attend and pay attention, Chris’s continued support and dedication (now sober one year) is unquestionable. I always advise others to read and engage in his plan.

So many people have retrieved their pre-addicted lives and their families and are now happy again enjoying life as if addiction never happened, I now have a little dog and enjoy the fresh air hot/cold/dry or wet, I am so lucky to be alive, healthy and active. THANK YOU.