Workplace Mental Health & Intervention Training

This is a four-week programme designed to strengthen and empower all members of staff occupying any role within an organisation, service or team; but in particular those in highly pressurised roles, customer-facing roles, team leaders and managers.

The idea is to super-charge and strengthen the individual’s ability to self-manage as well as to support others, creating a stronger, more harmonious work environment.

The learning that will be achieved falls under four main modules:

  1. Self-awareness and self-help

Recognising the build-up of stress and signs of overwhelm; with understanding of self, subconscious mind, behaviour, emotions, negative thinking and negative habits; including how to stop a decline in mental health and productivity by retraining the mind with better, more effective strategies to see you happier, coping well and eventually thriving both at home and in the workplace.

This module encompasses an individual’s response to situations, genuine work pressures vs self-imposed or perceived pressures. Carrying out a self-assessment of health and wellbeing including diet, sleep and exercise.

  1. Recognising and alleviating stress in others

This module teaches how to recognise the signs exhibited by others that show they are suffering stress which leads to disengagement and ultimately lack of efficiency and productivity. Stress accounts for around 25% of all absences from work.

We will look at the causes of stress in the workplace including: workload, job ambiguity, management style, work conditions and more. We look at how to go about creating change or if change is not possible – learning to ‘reframe’ different situations for a more positive outcome. We’ll also look at supporting others to ask for help if they need it.


  1. Anxiety management strategies

The learning achieved in this module can be passed on to other team members and staff who are supervised by the attendee. It is useful for people at all levels of the organisation.

We will look at simple strategies to tackle any workplace anxiety that may come up. As well as strategies for lifestyle changes to reduce anxiety such as the removal of addictive substances as well, work life balance, leisure time, physical and mental health. And we will experiment with meditation and other relaxation techniques.

  1. Goal setting and personal development

People in any kind of employment, doing roles at any level need motivation, goals and achievable targets in order to feel a sense of purpose. In this final module we support your team to learn goal-setting techniques that can be used for personal development, workload planning, project planning as well as staff development and resources management.

At the end of this four-week programme, those attending will be able to help themselves as well as support colleagues.

This training is particularly important during these uncertain times when changes to jobs, places of work, hours and pay may be prevalent due to COVID-19. Too many teams have lost their ‘energy’. This training will help bring that vibrancy back into play.

All resources and learning materials are supplied and included in the price.

The cost of this programme for up to 10 people is £6,000 (Inc. VAT).

If you’d like to have a chat and find out more, please call Chris Hill and his team on 0800 644 6313 or email